5 Most Popular Wedding Months: A Guide for Perfect Timing

One of the pivotal decisions for couples while wedding planning is selecting the perfect month to tie the knot. The choice of the month sets the tone for the entire event, influencing everything from attire to venue selection, and even the overall mood of the celebration.

In this article, we delve not only into the most popular wedding months but also into the essence of each season, providing you with a comprehensive overview to help you determine the month that aligns perfectly with your ideal wedding vision.

What are the most popular months to get married?

The most popular wedding months are June, September, and October. These months are favored due to their generally mild weather and scenic beauty. June is traditional, while September and October offer comfortable temperatures and fall colors.

These statistics were published by the US Wedding Report. Now, let’s take a closer look at what makes each month unique for a wedding.

1) October: Autumnal Romance

October’s popularity for weddings has soared, representing 14.9 percent of all weddings in the USA, last year. Its appeal lies in the crisp air and the stunning backdrop of colorful autumn leaves, making it ideal for photo opportunities.

Regions like New England and the Pacific Northwest offer peak foliage, creating a perfect setting with jewel-tone décor and golden leaves. The month’s charm is enhanced by a unique autumnal menu featuring flavors like apple, pumpkin, and maple.

The cooler temperatures in October are a draw, providing a cozy atmosphere in Northern states and perfect conditions for outdoor events in Southern states. This, coupled with less competition for venues, increases the chances of securing desired locations.

5 Most Popular Wedding Months: A Guide for Perfect Timing 1

2) September: The Golden Transition

September, capturing 13.6 percent of weddings, stands out as a top choice, especially for modern couples. This month signifies the transition from the heat of summer to the mellow warmth of autumn.

September offers a blend of comfortable temperatures and the evolving beauty of nature as foliage begins to change. It’s natural setting is perfect for rustic-themed weddings, featuring rich, earthy color palettes. This, coupled with the potential for sunny outdoor ceremonies and tented receptions, makes it ideal for those seeking an outdoor celebration amidst nature’s splendors.

In areas like New England, the weather remains warm enough for beach-themed events but also starts to embrace the cooler, autumnal air. The earlier sunsets in September provide a warm, romantic glow, perfect for evening celebrations and stunning sunset photographs.

5 Most Popular Wedding Months: A Guide for Perfect Timing 2

3) June: The Quintessential Choice

Historically, June has been the most popular month for weddings. It’s a month that bursts with the blossoms of late spring and early summer, offering mild weather and longer daylight hours.

This month, linked to the Roman goddess of marriage Juno, is ideal for traditional, romantic weddings. The extended daylight hours are perfect for photography, and the milder temperatures make it great for outdoor events.

With landscapes in full bloom and a variety of seasonal flowers available, June offers rich possibilities for wedding décor.

Additionally, since summer vacations typically start later, more guests are likely to attend, making June a top choice for its beauty, convenience, and favorable conditions.

5 Most Popular Wedding Months: A Guide for Perfect Timing 3

4) July: Radiant Revelries

July offers excellent lighting for photography and a wealth of in-season blossoms and fresh produce, perfect for both decorations and catering.

However, its position in the heart of summer means temperatures are typically higher, which can be a concern for outdoor events like garden parties or backyard celebrations. In some regions like Palm Springs, this leads to more affordable venue options.

5 Most Popular Wedding Months: A Guide for Perfect Timing 4

5) August: Summer Splendor

August, just a step behind in popularity, extends the benefits of its summer predecessors, including long sunsets and plentiful outdoor settings.

Couples often choose August to celebrate the last stretch of summer, with various venue options like coastal destinations, lush gardens, vineyards, or family farms.

However, planning a wedding in August carries certain risks, especially on the East Coast where it marks the beginning of hurricane season.

Despite this, the allure of August for a natural, summery setting remains strong, drawing couples who wish to revel in the season’s final days with a memorable celebration.

5 Most Popular Wedding Months: A Guide for Perfect Timing 5

The least popular wedding months

1) January and February

Often considered the least popular months for weddings, January and February are in the heart of winter for many regions. The cold weather, potential for snow, and post-holiday fatigue can make these months less appealing. However, for couples seeking a winter wonderland theme or lower venue costs, these months can offer unique opportunities.

2) March

While it marks the beginning of spring, March is often unpredictable weather-wise, which can deter couples. The transition between winter and spring can bring a mix of rain, wind, and in some regions, lingering cold, making outdoor weddings risky.

3) November and December

These months coincide with the onset of colder weather in many places and are often overshadowed by the approaching holiday season. The proximity to major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year can also make it challenging for guests to travel and attend.

5 Most Popular Wedding Months: A Guide for Perfect Timing 6

When is the wedding season?

Wedding season typically peaks from late spring through early fall, with most weddings in the U.S. occurring between May and October. The appeal of this season lies in the more predictable, pleasant weather and the natural beauty of the surroundings, making it ideal for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

Most popular month to get married around the world

Data show that choosing a wedding date is heavily influenced by the weather, with many couples favoring summer for ideal conditions. Warm weather and picturesque settings, make the summer months popular for weddings globally.

Most popular wedding month by country*:

North America

USA October
Canada August
Mexico November


Spain September
Italy September
UK August
France July
Portugal September

South America

Argentina November
Peru December
Chile November
Brazil November
Colombia December
Uruguay February
India December

*Statistic published at “the knot”.

5 Most Popular Wedding Months: A Guide for Perfect Timing 7

Choosing the best month to get married

When selecting the best month for a wedding, couples must consider various aspects, including financial implications, venue and vendor availability, and weather patterns. Each of these factors can significantly influence the overall experience and cost of the wedding.

Financial Aspects

Peak and off-peak wedding seasons are significantly impacting service costs. Typically, May to October is the high season, with costs being higher due to demand. Conversely, planning a wedding during the off-peak season (late fall to early spring) can be more budget friendly.

Venue and Vendor Availability

Popular wedding months can lead to competition for venues and suppliers. Months like June and September are often booked far in advance due to their favorable weather and scenic beauty. Choosing a less popular month can increase your chances of securing your desired venue and vendors.

If your heart is set on a specific venue or vendor, plan to book well in advance, especially for popular months. A general rule is to book at least a year in advance for peak season weddings. For off-peak months, you may have more flexibility, but it’s still wise to plan ahead.

Weather and Its Role in Planning

The chosen month will dictate the weather you can expect on your wedding day. Summer months offer longer days and warm weather, ideal for outdoor weddings, while winter provides a cozy, intimate setting but requires indoor accommodations.

Always have a backup plan, especially if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. Renting a tent, having indoor space available, or choosing a venue with both indoor and outdoor options are excellent strategies. This preparation ensures that whatever the weather, your wedding will go smoothly.

5 Most Popular Wedding Months: A Guide for Perfect Timing 8

Off-season Wedding

Planning an off-season wedding, can be a unique and cost-effective choice. With venues and vendors often offering discounts during this time, you can save significantly on major expenses. This period also opens up more availability for sought-after venues and gives you better negotiating power with various service providers.

Embracing the season’s charm, off-season weddings allow for creative and distinctive themes. Whether it’s a cozy winter wonderland or a rustic autumn celebration, the décor and atmosphere can be deeply personal and memorable. Seasonal flowers and decorations like candles or fairy lights add a romantic touch.

Guest availability is usually higher during the off-season, making it easier for loved ones to attend. However, it’s important to send out invites well in advance, especially considering possible overlaps with holidays or school events.

Dressing for the season is another key aspect. Elegant wraps for a winter wedding or warm, rich colors for an autumn event can enhance the overall experience. Ensure indoor comfort for guests, particularly in colder months.

5 Most Popular Wedding Months: A Guide for Perfect Timing 9

Wedding Month Superstitions

You might be also interested in some wedding superstitions that could influence your decision on the best month for your big day. While modern weddings often focus more on personal choice and preferences, these age-old beliefs add an intriguing layer to wedding planning:

  • January: Symbolizing a prosperous life, marrying in January is believed to bring wealth and deep love.
  • February: Known as the month of love due to Valentine’s Day, February weddings are said to be filled with passion and strong bonds.
  • March: Traditionally seen as an unpredictable month, March weddings are thought to reflect a marriage full of surprises.
  • April: April, with its spring connotations, is considered to bring eternal love and happiness.
  • May: Interestingly, May is often viewed as an unlucky month to marry, stemming from the Roman festival of the dead.
  • June: Named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage, June is believed to bring prosperity and joy to marriages.
  • July: Warm and bright, a July wedding is thought to be full of light-hearted and carefree moments.
  • August: Marrying in August is sometimes believed to bring bad luck, with couples facing several challenges.
  • September: Symbolizing lasting affection and deepening love, September weddings are often seen as the foundation for enduring relationships.
  • October: October weddings are linked to harvest and abundance, suggesting a bountiful and rich life together.
  • November: A November wedding is thought to signify strength and lifelong happiness.
  • December: With its festive spirit, a December wedding is believed to be blessed with warmth, love, and family unity.

Remember, these superstitions are part of wedding folklore and are mentioned here for their historical and cultural interest. Ultimately, the best month for your wedding should align with your personal desires, practical considerations, and what feels most meaningful to you and your partner.

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