27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024)

Facing pre-wedding nerves? You’re in good company. This article is your essential guide to conquering wedding anxiety. Packed with practical tips and insightful advice, we’ll show you how to effortlessly tackle stress and plan your wedding with confidence and calm.

Whether you’re days away from “I do” or still in the early stages of planning, our focused strategies are here to ensure you enjoy every step towards your big day. Let’s dive in and transform those nerves into excitement!

You Are Not Alone in This Journey

It might be comforting to know that your feelings are shared by many others stepping onto the same path. According to Wed Magazine, a striking 92% of future brides report feeling nervous about their big day, while 71% of couples experience stress during the planning phase.

These numbers clearly indicate that wedding jitters are not just common; they’re almost expected. But, it’s important to remember that while these emotions are normal, they shouldn’t be allowed to overshadow the joy and excitement of your special day.

If your wedding is still a while away, jump straight to the third section. Tips specifically for combating nervousness on your wedding day are under the second section.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 2

Navigating Pre-Wedding Nerves in the Final Days

The final days leading up to your wedding are crucial for your mental well-being. If possible, try to engage in the following activities:

1) Prioritize Sleep

Sleep is a cornerstone of both physical and mental well-being. It’s essential to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night leading up to your wedding, or however much you need to feel fully rested.

To facilitate better sleep, consider drawing a hot bath before bedtime and playing some relaxing music. Reading a few pages of your favorite book can also help you wind down and prepare for a restful night.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 3

2) Engage in Physical Activity

Whether it’s a favorite workout, a walk in the fresh air, a jog, or a bike ride, remember that physical activity is one of the best remedies for stress. Exercise not only helps in managing stress but also promotes better sleep.

However, it’s important not to overdo it. Stick to the level of activity you’re accustomed to, especially on the day before your wedding, as you’ll want to conserve energy for the long and exciting day ahead, including the celebration that lasts into the early hours.

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3) Release Adrenaline

If stress has caused a build-up of adrenaline, deep breathing can be an effective way to release it. By consciously relaxing your muscles through deep breathing – inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth – you can help to dissipate this stress response. As you breathe, visualize yourself in a serene, peaceful place. This imagery, combined with deep breathing, can significantly reduce adrenaline levels and induce calm.

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4) Enjoy Intimate Moments with Your Partner

If it aligns with your beliefs and lifestyle, spending intimate moments with your fiancé can be beneficial. Numerous studies have shown that sexual activity can lower stress levels and improve overall mental well-being, as well as contribute to better sleep quality. These moments of closeness can also strengthen your emotional bond, providing comfort and reassurance in the midst of pre-wedding preparations.

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5) Delegate Last-Minute Tasks

If there are any, delegate remaining tasks to trusted friends, family members, or your wedding planner. Let go of the need to micromanage every detail. Trust that your loved ones and hired professionals will handle these tasks with care and efficiency, allowing you to focus on your personal preparation.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 7

Overcoming Nervousness on the Wedding Day

Even the calmest individuals might feel a flutter of nerves on their wedding day. Here are some tips to handle those nerves if they arise, as well as advice on how to prevent them in the first place:

1) Delegate Tasks

Have tasks and responsibilities pre-assigned – know who is in charge of what. Delegating tasks can save you a lot of stress. If anything remains unarranged, don’t hesitate to ask someone to take care of it. On your wedding day, your friends and family are usually more than willing to help with whatever is needed.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 8

2) Don’t Skip Breakfast

A good breakfast is essential to start your day. Opt for vitamin C-rich fruits, which have been shown to lower stress levels (as per a study in Psychopharmacology) or choose nuts like almonds for their stress-busting and fatigue-fighting properties.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 9

3) Take a Moment for Yourself

You’re likely to be surrounded by people all day, so it will be valuable to spend a few moments alone to breathe and relax. Whether it’s a 5-minute drive or a short walk in the garden, these brief periods of solitude can be rejuvenating, as many married couples can attest.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 10

4) A Toast to Calm Nerves

A small sip of your favorite drink can be a fine way to ease your nerves. It’s perfectly alright to enjoy a bit of alcohol for relaxation. However, moderation is key. You want to stay fully engaged, and able to cherish every moment of your special day.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 11

5) Take a Deep Breath and Head to the Altar

If you feel nervous, revisit the “Release Adrenaline” advice and breathe through the nerves. Remind yourself that this is your day, your moment. Everything is perfect, and it’s time to enjoy it to the fullest!

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 12

6) Bonus Tip (Before Heading to Altar)

For me personally, the best approach was to add a touch of humor to the situation, to keep from getting too emotional and tearing up. Essentially, just take it easy…..

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 13

How to Avoid Stress While Planning Your Wedding?

1) Identify and Eliminate Stressful Elements

Knowing yourself is key in wedding planning. If you can predict what might stress you out on your big day, you’re ahead of the game. Is the idea of the first dance in front of everyone daunting? Feel free to skip it. Anxious about giving a speech? Delegate it to someone else. While some moments can’t be skipped, find ways to make them more manageable. Overwhelmed by the thought of a room full of people during morning preparations? Consider limiting the room to just you, your best friend, and your hair/makeup artist, and keep out anyone who tends to create panic.

Additionally, consider alternatives for traditional elements that might cause stress. For instance, if a large reception feels overwhelming, think about a smaller, more intimate gathering.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 14

2) Be Decisive in Planning

Comparing options and making thoughtful decisions is a good approach to wedding planning. However, spending hours deliberating over small details like the exact wording on invitations, decoration colors, or the wedding menu can lead to increased stress. Such an approach might even lead to resentment towards the planning process. Therefore, set clear deadlines for when decisions need to be made and stick to your plan.

It’s also helpful to prioritize your decisions. Focus on the major elements that will have the greatest impact on your day, like venue selection or catering, and don’t get too caught up in the minutiae. Remember, in the end, it’s the celebration of your union that matters most, not the small details.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 15

3) Set a Higher Budget

Financial concerns and budgeting are often major stressors for couples planning a wedding. Experience shows that most couples tend to exceed their initial budget. Therefore, it’s advisable to set your budget at least 15% higher than planned to avoid any unpleasant surprises. This approach also allows some flexibility for unexpected expenses or last-minute additions, ensuring a smoother planning process.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 16

4) Prepare as if the Wedding is a Month Earlier

Many brides find themselves overwhelmed with last-minute preparations a month before the wedding. To avoid this stress, I strongly recommend planning and preparing everything as if your wedding were a month earlier. This way, the final month can be spent looking forward to your big day, enjoying your bachelorette party, and spending quality time with friends and family, free from pre-wedding stress.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 17

5) Create a Wedding Website with Clear Information for Guests

Repeatedly answering the same questions can become tiring and irritating. To alleviate this, consider creating a simple wedding website where all necessary information is readily available for your guests.

This website doesn’t need to be complex; it should primarily provide answers to basic questions regarding the schedule, gifts, child attendance, accommodations, and other logistical details.

 A wedding website not only eases communication but also serves as a one-stop reference for your guests, reducing the likelihood of confusion and last-minute queries.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 18

6) Commit to Fully Enjoying Your Day

It may sound simplistic, but many grooms and brides feel that a bit of nervousness is a natural part of the wedding experience. However, it’s crucial to decide in advance to fully enjoy your day.

If you set your mindset that it will be the best day of your life, it most likely will be. Often, the outcome of an event is influenced by the expectations and attitudes we carry into it.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 19

7) Take Breaks from Planning

Remember, wedding planning isn’t your primary occupation. It’s essential to take breaks and not constantly think about supplier emails or music selections.

Spend time with friends, go for a run, engage in a workout, bake something, or simply relax. Giving your mind a break from wedding thoughts is vital for maintaining a balanced perspective.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 20

8) Don’t Compare Your Wedding with Others

Avoid comparing your wedding to anyone else’s. As the saying goes, “comparison is the thief of joy.” Your wedding is unique and primarily about you and your partner, so embrace it and enjoy it to the fullest! If someone, like a critical relative, tries to make comparisons, change the subject and don’t take it to heart.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 21

9) Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Avoid getting flustered over minor details, such as napkins not being the exact shade you wanted, or a certain type of dessert being replaced by another. These are trivialities that don’t deserve your stress.

Focus instead on the aspects of your wedding that will be remembered and cherished. Guests are likely to forget the small details, so it’s more important to concentrate on the overall experience and atmosphere of your special day.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 22

10) Pick Your Wedding Day Priorities

Choosing what aspects of your wedding day are most important to you can significantly streamline the planning process. Whether it’s the venue, the food, the music, or the guest list, identify what truly matters to you and your partner.

This focus will help you allocate your budget and time more efficiently and reduce stress about less critical elements. Remember, it’s impossible to make every detail perfect, so prioritizing helps in maintaining a clear perspective on what will make your day special and memorable.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 23

11) Remember, Wedding Planning is a Team Effort

Often, brides who strive for perfection might bear the brunt of the stress. However, it’s crucial to remember that wedding planning is a joint venture.

Divide tasks and responsibilities with your partner to make the process more manageable and enjoyable.

This shared approach not only eases the burden but also allows both of you to feel equally involved and invested in the planning of your day.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 24

12) Create a Plan B

No matter how well you plan, it’s always wise to have a backup plan, especially for elements like outdoor venues where weather can be unpredictable.

Having a plan B for key components of your wedding ensures you’re prepared for unforeseen circumstances and can reduce anxiety about potential last-minute changes. This could include indoor alternatives for outdoor activities, backup vendors, or a rainy-day fund.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 25

13) Take Care of Yourself

Amidst the hustle of wedding planning, it’s crucial to take care of your physical and mental health. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and relaxation is essential.

Consider practices like yoga, meditation, or simply taking time to unwind with a hobby or a good book. Self-care is vital in managing stress and keeping you at your best for the big day.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 26

14) Talk to Someone

Having a support system during wedding planning can be invaluable. Don’t hesitate to share your feelings and concerns with a trusted friend, family member, or a professional if needed.

Sometimes, just talking about what you’re going through can provide relief and perspective. They may offer advice, help you see solutions you hadn’t thought of, or simply provide a listening ear.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 27

15) Don’t Let Others Dictate Your Choices

If you have parents or relatives who seem eager to plan your wedding for you, tactfully remind them that it’s your day. It’s essential that your wedding reflects your and your partner’s preferences and style.

While it’s okay to listen to advice, the final decisions should align with your vision and desires. Setting boundaries respectfully can help maintain harmony while ensuring your wedding remains true to who you are as a couple.

Incorporating these strategies can help reduce stress and ensure that your wedding planning is a reflection of your unique love story.

27 Proven Strategies How to Beat Wedding Stress (in 2024) 28

Additional Tips

1) Hire a Planner

 If it’s within your budget, hiring a wedding planner can be a game-changer. A planner takes on the burden of organizing and coordinating the event, which can significantly reduce your stress.

They bring expertise in managing budgets, timelines, vendors, and unforeseen issues. Plus, they can provide valuable insights and creative ideas to make your wedding day as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

2) Find Out about Common Wedding Mistakes

Avoid the most common mistakes couples usually do. Check out our essential guide ’45 Common Wedding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them’ for the insider scoop on steering clear of those easy-to-make errors. Get ready for your flawless wedding day!

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