357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute)

We’ve curated a comprehensive collection of wedding engraving quotes tailored for various moods and themes.

We have divided them into several categories such as cute, creative, romantic, love, funny, unique, romantic, popular, or trending providing you with a diverse range of options.

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Creative Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. United in love, etched in eternity.
  2. Our love story: better than fiction.
  3. Two souls, one journey.
  4. Love crafted in timeless harmony.
  5. Forever starts now and here.
  6. To the moon and back, times infinity.
  7. In the art of love, we are masters.
  8. Love is our canvas, life is our color.
  9. Together we create our masterpiece.
  10. Stars aligned, hearts entwined.
  11. Two halves of the same soul.
  12. In love’s garden, we grow together.
  13. Crafting our tomorrow with love.
  14. Etched in love, bound in destiny.
  15. Where words fail, our love speaks.
  16. Love’s melody, forever in tune.
  17. Our love: the most beautiful story ever written.
  18. Infinite love in finite letters.
  19. Carving our love in the tree of life.
  20. In the symphony of life, love is our music.
  21. Two hearts, one beat.
  22. Forever etched, eternally cherished.
  23. Our love: a timeless masterpiece.
  24. In this love, we find art.
  25. Sealed with a kiss, etched with love.
  26. Love’s journey, beautifully scripted.
  27. Together, we paint our love story.
  28. In love’s embrace, we find eternity.
  29. Our love, a poetic engraving.
  30. Crafting forever, one day at a time.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 1

Romantic Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Forever yours, in heart and soul.
  2. Love’s eternal whisper.
  3. With you, my heart found home.
  4. Bound in heart, soul, and forever.
  5. In your eyes, I found my forever.
  6. Love’s endless dance.
  7. You are my today and all my tomorrows.
  8. Two hearts in perfect harmony.
  9. Our love, a timeless serenade.
  10. Eternally entwined, endlessly in love.
  11. In your love, I find peace.
  12. Our love: a never-ending story.
  13. Joined in love, bonded for life.
  14. With this ring, I give you my heart.
  15. You are my greatest adventure.
  16. In love, we trust, in us, we believe.
  17. Together, forever, in love.
  18. Love’s journey, never-ending.
  19. You complete my heart.
  20. Soulmates united under the stars.
  21. Endless love, endless joy.
  22. Love bound in eternity.
  23. To love, cherish, and honor forever.
  24. Our forever begins today.
  25. In your love, my soul finds rest.
  26. Our love story, forever treasured.
  27. In your embrace, eternity awaits.
  28. With you, every chapter is beautiful.
  29. In the warmth of your love, I bloom.
  30. Our love, a never-ending embrace.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 2

Cute Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Forever and always, no takebacks.
  2. You’re my happily ever after.
  3. Together is my favorite place to be.
  4. You have my whole heart for my whole life.
  5. My favorite love story is ours.
  6. Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.
  7. Home is wherever I’m with you.
  8. You’re my dream come true.
  9. Holding hands forever and ever.
  10. Love you to the moon and back.
  11. My love for you is as deep as the ocean.
  12. Two peas in a pod, forever.
  13. Side by side, heart to heart.
  14. You are my sunshine on a cloudy day.
  15. Our love is a fairytale come true.
  16. Together, we make magic.
  17. Love, laughter, and our happily ever after.
  18. You complete my puzzle.
  19. Our love is purr-fect.
  20. You’re the peanut butter to my jelly.
  21. Together, forever, no matter the weather.
  22. You’re my forever cuddle buddy.
  23. Our love is sweeter than honey.
  24. You’re the apple of my eye.
  25. With you, every day is a fairy tale.
  26. Love is a song best sung together.
  27. My heart whispers your name.
  28. Forever starts with you.
  29. You’re my lobster.
  30. In your arms, I find my fairy tale.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 3

Inspirational Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Together we conquer the world.
  2. In love, we find strength.
  3. United in love, unstoppable in life.
  4. Love: our most powerful journey.
  5. Building dreams, hand in hand.
  6. With love, all things are possible.
  7. In each other, we find our best selves.
  8. Love, the heart’s strongest beat.
  9. Our love: a beacon of hope.
  10. Together, creating a legacy of love.
  11. In unity, we find infinity.
  12. Love is the compass of our souls.
  13. A shared love, a shared future.
  14. In love, we rise.
  15. Every step with you is a victory.
  16. Love, the anchor in our storm.
  17. Our love: a lighthouse in the darkness.
  18. Love, the ultimate journey.
  19. Hearts united, futures bright.
  20. In love, every challenge is surmountable.
  21. With you, every dream is within reach.
  22. Our love, a testament of hope.
  23. Together, we redefine love.
  24. In love, we find courage.
  25. United, we write our destiny.
  26. Love, the foundation of our future.
  27. In each other, we find our inspiration.
  28. Our love: the journey of a lifetime.
  29. Together, stronger than ever.
  30. Love, the driving force of our lives.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 4

Fancy Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Love, our grandest affair.
  2. Elegantly entwined hearts.
  3. Our love: a majestic symphony.
  4. Together, in exquisite harmony.
  5. Love, the essence of our opulence.
  6. In love’s embrace, elegance reigns.
  7. Our love: a tapestry of splendor.
  8. Elegantly in love, forever in grace.
  9. Love, our timeless luxury.
  10. In the waltz of love, we are refined.
  11. Our love, a portrait of elegance.
  12. Together, in refined romance.
  13. Love, the ultimate sophistication.
  14. In our love, a touch of class.
  15. Our love: a blend of beauty and grace.
  16. A love story, exquisitely penned.
  17. In the gallery of love, we are the exhibit.
  18. Our love, a masterpiece of elegance.
  19. Love: our most precious gem.
  20. Together, the epitome of finesse.
  21. In love’s realm, we are royalty.
  22. Our love, draped in elegance.
  23. In the ballroom of love, we dance with grace.
  24. Love, our opulent odyssey.
  25. Together, crafting a legacy of refinement.
  26. Love, the crown jewel of our lives.
  27. Our love, a royal tapestry.
  28. In love’s embrace, we find our splendor.
  29. Together, in the lap of luxury.
  30. Our love, the essence of grandeur.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 5

Love Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Love, the heart of our union.
  2. In love, we find our truth.
  3. Our love: a never-ending story.
  4. Together, in the rhythm of love.
  5. Love, our guiding star.
  6. In your love, I find my peace.
  7. Our love, a boundless sea.
  8. Love, the journey of our hearts.
  9. In the depths of love, we unite.
  10. Our love, the melody of our souls.
  11. In love, we soar.
  12. Together, in the dance of love.
  13. Our love, a flame eternal.
  14. Love, our shared language.
  15. In love’s embrace, we find our home.
  16. Our love, a beacon in the night.
  17. Love, the compass of our journey.
  18. In love, every moment is precious.
  19. Our love, the bridge between hearts.
  20. Together, in love’s gentle embrace.
  21. Love, the essence of our being.
  22. In the light of love, we shine.
  23. Our love, a sanctuary for our souls.
  24. Love, the foundation of our unity.
  25. In love, we find our infinity.
  26. Our love, a tapestry woven in time.
  27. Love, the melody that binds us.
  28. In love’s garden, we flourish.
  29. Together, in the glow of love.
  30. Our love, an endless ocean.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 6

Funny Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Married life: officially under new management.
  2. You’re stuck with me now!
  3. Love is finding someone to put up with your crap.
  4. Marriage: the ultimate ‘ship.
  5. Love, laughter, and happily ever after.
  6. Together we’re a hot mess.
  7. Non-refundable, handle with care.
  8. Marriage: where ‘Netflix and chill’ gets real.
  9. I promise to love you, even during football season.
  10. Now accepting applications for a professional spooner.
  11. You had me at “I’ll pay for Netflix.”
  12. In marriage, as in cooking, spice it up!
  13. Marriage: an endless sleepover with your favorite weirdo.
  14. Congratulations on your forever roommate.
  15. Together, we shall overrule the thermostat.
  16. Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener.
  17. I solemnly swear to always steal your covers.
  18. Congratulations on signing your life away!
  19. Marriage: where two become one and both become broke.
  20. Love is like a fart, if you force it, it’s probably crap.
  21. Our love is like a fine wine, it gets better with age and gives me a headache.
  22. Marriage: finding that special someone to annoy for eternity.
  23. Love is a sweet dream, marriage the alarm clock.
  24. Let’s be weird together forever.
  25. In marriage, you don’t lose freedom, you gain a critical ally.
  26. For better or worse, but never for granted.
  27. I love you more than pizza, and that’s saying a lot.
  28. Love, the best adventure before dementia.
  29. Together, we will rule the sofa!
  30. You’re the cheese to my macaroni.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 7

Unique Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Love: our exclusive odyssey.
  2. Uncommon hearts, unified destiny.
  3. Rare as stars, bright as love.
  4. Together, scripting our unique symphony.
  5. In our love, the world finds rarity.
  6. Crafting a love story, uniquely ours.
  7. Our love, like no other.
  8. Unparalleled hearts, united journey.
  9. Love’s unique melody, our dance.
  10. In love, we are unparalleled.
  11. Our rare blend of perfection.
  12. Echoes of love, uniquely tuned.
  13. Distinct hearts, singular soul.
  14. Our love: an uncharted realm.
  15. A rare gem, our love.
  16. Crafting our own love legend.
  17. Unique in every heartbeat.
  18. Love, our rare treasure.
  19. In the universe of love, we are stars.
  20. Our love: the rarest of arts.
  21. Uniquely woven in love’s tapestry.
  22. Our love, a novel masterpiece.
  23. Two souls, a unique journey.
  24. Love, the rarest diamond.
  25. Our love, defying the ordinary.
  26. In love’s book, our story stands out.
  27. Love, uniquely ours to cherish.
  28. Our love, an exclusive melody.
  29. Crafting a love story with a unique script.
  30. In the gallery of love, we are the masterpiece.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 8

Catchy Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Love, locked and loaded.
  2. Ring on, game on!
  3. Love’s greatest hit, now playing.
  4. Hitched and happy!
  5. Together, we’re a perfect match.
  6. Love’s jackpot, hit for eternity.
  7. Sealed with a kiss, delivered in love.
  8. Heart stolen, legally.
  9. Love’s victory, our trophy.
  10. Signed, sealed, delivered: I’m yours!
  11. Love’s homerun, game won.
  12. Our love: bestseller status.
  13. Forever in love’s cozy net.
  14. Love’s grand prize: each other.
  15. Together, we hit the love jackpot.
  16. Love, the ultimate win.
  17. Ringed up, teamed up.
  18. Our love story: trending now.
  19. Hitched for life, happy for eternity.
  20. Together, winning at love.
  21. Locked in love, key thrown away.
  22. Love’s winning goal, scored for life.
  23. Forever in the VIP section of love.
  24. Love’s high score, unbeatable duo.
  25. Together, we make hearts race.
  26. Love’s perfect pitch, forever harmonious.
  27. Our love: the headliner of hearts.
  28. In the league of love, we’re champions.
  29. Love’s dream team, now and forever.
  30. United in love, scoring life’s goals.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 9

Clever Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Love: our smartest decision.
  2. United in love, divided in chores.
  3. Love’s algorithm: you + me = forever.
  4. In the math of life, you’re my one.
  5. Love: our mutual fund of joy.
  6. Together, we solve life’s puzzles.
  7. Love’s blueprint: heart + heart.
  8. Our love: a wise investment.
  9. Joined in love, synced in life.
  10. Love, our greatest strategy.
  11. In the equation of love, we’re constants.
  12. Our love: a cleverly written saga.
  13. Heart’s logic: love conquers all.
  14. Love: the master key to our hearts.
  15. Two hearts, one clever union.
  16. Love, the wisest of all tales.
  17. Our love: a stroke of genius.
  18. Together, we decode life’s mysteries.
  19. Love, our smartest collaboration.
  20. In the library of love, we’re bestsellers.
  21. Love, the equation of eternity.
  22. Our love: intelligently designed.
  23. In love’s game, we’re the ace.
  24. Heart’s wisdom, love’s intelligence.
  25. Love: our masterclass.
  26. Together, outsmarting life’s challenges.
  27. Our love, the epitome of wit.
  28. In the chess game of life, love is king.
  29. Love, our genius plot twist.
  30. Together, we invent our love story.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 10

Happy Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Love, laughter, and our happily ever after.
  2. Smiling hearts, joined for life.
  3. In love, our joy multiplies.
  4. Together, our happiness knows no bounds.
  5. Love: our recipe for happiness.
  6. Happy hearts, forever in tune.
  7. Love’s happy melody, our dance.
  8. In love, we bloom with joy.
  9. Our love story: a happy saga.
  10. Together, creating joyful memories.
  11. Love, the secret to our happiness.
  12. In the garden of love, joy blossoms.
  13. Our love: a journey of joy.
  14. Happiness found, love bound.
  15. Together, in love and laughter.
  16. Joyful hearts, united in love.
  17. In love, every day is sunny.
  18. Together, happiness is our journey.
  19. Love, our happiest adventure.
  20. In the symphony of life, love is our joy.
  21. Happy together, now and forever.
  22. In love, our smiles never fade.
  23. Our love, a beacon of happiness.
  24. Together, turning moments into joy.
  25. Love, our happiest chapter.
  26. In our love, happiness thrives.
  27. Joy in our hearts, love in our souls.
  28. Together, we write our happy ending.
  29. Love: the source of our happiness.
  30. Our love, a joyful melody.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 11

Motivational Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Together, we reach new heights.
  2. In love, we find our strength.
  3. United in love, unstoppable in life.
  4. Love: the catalyst of our dreams.
  5. Hand in hand, towards our goals.
  6. In each other, we find our courage.
  7. Love, our greatest motivator.
  8. Our love: the wind beneath our wings.
  9. Together, overcoming life’s hurdles.
  10. In love, every obstacle becomes surmountable.
  11. United, our dreams have no limits.
  12. Love: the force that drives us.
  13. In love, we find our purpose.
  14. Together, achieving the impossible.
  15. Our love: a journey of triumph.
  16. Love, fueling our ambitions.
  17. In each other, we find our power.
  18. Our love, a testament to perseverance.
  19. Together, we conquer challenges.
  20. Love: our guiding light to success.
  21. In unity, we find victory.
  22. Our love: a source of inspiration.
  23. Together, creating a legacy of achievement.
  24. In love, every step is a victory.
  25. United in love, we rise.
  26. Love, the foundation of our success.
  27. Our love: a journey of endless possibilities.
  28. Together, scaling new heights.
  29. Love, the heartbeat of our aspirations.
  30. In our union, lies our strength.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 12

Popular Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Together forever, never apart.
  2. Love, trust, and a little fairy dust.
  3. Better together.
  4. In love, we find our home.
  5. My love, my life, my everything.
  6. Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.
  7. Love is the beauty of the soul.
  8. Forever and a day.
  9. To have and to hold.
  10. Our love is written in the stars.
  11. True love stories never have endings.
  12. With this ring, I thee wed.
  13. You are my happily ever after.
  14. Two hearts, one love.
  15. Love is a journey, not a destination.
  16. Love conquers all.
  17. Side by side, heart to heart.
  18. In you, I’ve found the love of my life.
  19. From this day forward.
  20. Soulmates forever.
  21. You complete me.
  22. Love, laughter, and happily ever after.
  23. Always and forever.
  24. My heart is, and always will be, yours.
  25. Love bears all things, believes all things.
  26. Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.
  27. In you, I have found my star.
  28. Love is the greatest adventure.
  29. Our love is a journey starting at forever.
  30. You are my today and all my tomorrows.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 13

Trending Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Love in the time of hashtags.
  2. Swiped right, now it’s forever.
  3. Together, we trend forever.
  4. #ForeverLove
  5. Love’s latest update: forever.
  6. Tweet hearts forever.
  7. #HappilyEverAfter
  8. Instagram official, forever and always.
  9. Our love story: now viral.
  10. #TogetherForever
  11. Streaming our love story.
  12. In a sea of likes, I love you.
  13. #LoveWins
  14. Heart emojis in real life.
  15. Together, we’re the top trend.
  16. #EndlessLove
  17. Love’s status: permanently in love.
  18. Our love: always in your feed.
  19. #LoveGoals
  20. From DMs to ‘I do.’
  21. Our love: breaking the internet.
  22. #EternalLove
  23. Hashtagged in heaven.
  24. Forever in each other’s profile.
  25. #TrueLove
  26. Love’s notification: forever turned on.
  27. Tweeting our way to forever.
  28. #LoveStory
  29. Our love: always on top of the feed.
  30. #Unconditionally
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 14

Cool Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Love: our endless summer.
  2. Riding the waves of love together.
  3. Together, we’re cooler than cool.
  4. Love, our timeless trend.
  5. Together, setting the world on fire.
  6. Love: our never-ending rave.
  7. In our love, we find our chill.
  8. Hearts synced in the coolest beat.
  9. Love, our endless road trip.
  10. Together, we’re the new classic.
  11. Love: our greatest adventure.
  12. Forever cruising on love’s highway.
  13. Our love, the eternal flame.
  14. Love: our coolest journey.
  15. Together, we’re the soundtrack of love.
  16. Love, the ultimate cool.
  17. Our love: always in season.
  18. Riding the love wave, forever.
  19. Together, redefining cool.
  20. Love: our never-ending playlist.
  21. In love, we’re the trendsetters.
  22. Forever in love’s groove.
  23. Together, we’re the heatwave of love.
  24. Love, our endless festival.
  25. Our love: forever the main event.
  26. Love: our coolest expression.
  27. Together, making waves in love.
  28. Love, the rhythm of our hearts.
  29. Together, we’re the eternal hype.
  30. Our love: the ultimate chill.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 15

Witty Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. Love: officially off the market.
  2. Marriage: the funniest comedy.
  3. Together, in all our weirdness.
  4. Love’s fine print: forever and always.
  5. Happily ever laughter.
  6. Signed, sealed, forever amused.
  7. Our love: not your average fairy tale.
  8. Two hearts, one hilarious journey.
  9. Love: now with more fun.
  10. Together, laughing our way through life.
  11. Love’s best joke: we’re forever.
  12. Ring on, laughs on.
  13. In love, we trust and jest.
  14. Our love: seriously funny.
  15. Together, forever in jest.
  16. Laughter, love’s best companion.
  17. Our love: a witty adventure.
  18. Together, making humor our love language.
  19. Love: our funniest plot twist.
  20. In love, we laugh loudest.
  21. Together, the punchline of love.
  22. Our love: a comedy of hearts.
  23. Together, we’re the ultimate sitcom.
  24. Love, with a side of giggles.
  25. Our love story: unexpectedly hilarious.
  26. In love, every day is a comic strip.
  27. Our love: endlessly entertaining.
  28. Love: where humor meets heart.
  29. Together, we write the best jokes.
  30. Our love, a never-ending comedy.
357 Best Wedding Engraving Quotes (Creative, Romantic, Cute) 16

Punny Wedding Engraving Quotes

  1. I wheelie love you.
  2. You auto-complete me.
  3. Owl always love you.
  4. Let’s avo-cuddle forever.
  5. You’re my significant otter.
  6. We bee-long together.
  7. You’re the loaf of my life.
  8. We make a great pear.
  9. I’m nuts about you.
  10. We’re mint to be.
  11. You’re my butter half.
  12. You’ve stolen a pizza my heart.
  13. Orange you glad we met?
  14. Let’s grow mold together.
  15. We’re a matcha made in heaven.
  16. Our love is egg-straordinary.
  17. You’re the pheasant under my wing.
  18. I’m soy into you.
  19. We’re a perfect blend.
  20. Love you a latte.
  21. Let’s stick together like glue.
  22. You’re my sole mate.
  23. Love you from my head tomatoes.
  24. Our love is brew-tiful.
  25. You make miso happy.
  26. We’re brie-lliant together.
  27. In queso you didn’t know, I love you.
  28. You’re the zest in my life.
  29. Let’s ketchup forever.
  30. Our love is un-beet-able.

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