21 Brilliant Garter Toss Alternatives (Funny, Cool, Trendy)

Weddings are all about blending the old with the new, especially when it comes to traditions. While classics like the first dance are still in, others, like the garter toss, aren’t as big as they used to be.

The garter toss comes from way back in the day, but nowadays, not everyone’s into it. It can feel a bit much for a family event. That’s cool because there are plenty of other fun and unique ways to spice up your wedding. These new twists keep the fun of the old tradition but in a fresh, more relaxed way.

In this article, we’re going to check out 21 cool ideas to replace the traditional garter toss. They’re all about adding your own personal touch and making sure everyone at your wedding has a great time.

1. Skip the Removal – Keep the Toss

Eliminate the potentially uncomfortable removal process. Instead, have a separate garter for tossing. This can be flung in various fun ways, such as using a slingshot or wrapping it around a football, maintaining the fun tradition without the intimate removal process.

2. Coed Bouquet Toss

Make the bouquet toss inclusive by inviting both single men and women. This can be a fun, spirited event, and if desired, the couple can toss the bouquet together.

3. Play a Song for the Singles

Instead of a physical toss, invite all the single guests to the dance floor with a special song. This can be a fun and inclusive way to celebrate all the single people at the wedding. It can also serve as an excellent icebreaker, especially if many guests are meeting for the first time.

4. Themed Toss

Replace the garter with an item reflecting your wedding theme, such as a signed football or a custom bracelet. This adds personalization and can be a fun nod to the couple’s interests.

5. Balloon Surprise

Hide the garter in a balloon among many others and have guests pop them to find the prize. This interactive idea can also include other items in the balloons, like thank-you notes or small gifts.

6. Pass It Forward

Gift the garter to a friend or family member who’s next in line to be married or save it for a future generation. This gesture adds sentimental value to the tradition.

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7. Wedding Reception Games

Incorporate games like musical chairs, with the garter as the prize. This adds a playful element and gets guests actively involved in the fun.

8. Toss the Boutonniere

The groom can toss his boutonniere to the single men, symbolizing love and beauty. This is a simple and elegant alternative to the traditional garter toss.

9. Multiple Boutonnieres Toss

Toss several boutonnieres to the guests, allowing multiple people to catch them. This can be enhanced by attaching good luck notes or small gifts.

10. Toss Some Sweets

Replace the garter with candy or chocolates, tossing them to all guests. This is a sweet and inclusive option, especially suitable for receptions with children.

11. Toss a Gift Card

Attach a gift card to a small item and toss it to single guests. This practical and enjoyable alternative offers guests a chance to win something useful.

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12. Skip it Entirely

Choosing to completely omit the garter toss is an increasingly popular option for modern weddings. Couples who opt for this simply continue with their celebration without this specific tradition, focusing instead on other aspects of their reception.

So, if you opt to skip it, here are more ideas on what to do instead of garter toss:

13. Pour a Champagne Tower

Create a moment of elegance and celebration by setting up a champagne tower. This can be a visually stunning and sophisticated alternative to the garter toss. This act can symbolize abundance, joy, and the sharing of happiness with all the guests. It’s a beautiful photo opportunity and offers a toast to the future of the newlyweds.

14. Anniversary Dance

Invite married couples to the dance floor and gradually filter them out based on the length of the marriage. The longest-married couple can be honored with a special gift.

15. Dance-Off

Host a dance competition among guests, with the garter as a prize. This can be freestyle or choreographed, adding an energetic and entertaining element to the reception.

16. Limbo Game

Engage guests in a game of limbo, offering the garter to the winner. This is a playful and active alternative, perfect for lively receptions.

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17. Trivia About the Couple

Conduct a trivia game about the couple, with the garter as a reward for the guest who knows them best. This can be both fun and informative for guests.

18. Give the Garter as a Gift

Instead of tossing the garter, present it as a gift to someone special or save it for a meaningful occasion. This adds a personal and thoughtful touch.

19. Award a Prize

Instead of tossing a garter, give it as a prize to a special guest, like a helpful friend or a long-married couple. This turns the tradition into a gesture of appreciation or honor.

20. Garter Auction

Turn the garter toss into a charitable act by holding a garter auction. Guests can bid on the garter, and the proceeds can go to a charity of the couple’s choice. This adds a philanthropic twist to the tradition, allowing the couple and guests to contribute to a meaningful cause while having fun.

21. Toss the Ring Pillow

Replace the traditional garter toss with a ring pillow toss. To make it more meaningful, attach something sentimental to the pillow, like a copy of your wedding vows or a love poem. If you wish to preserve your original ring pillow as a memento, consider using a similar-looking pillow for this activity.

Final Thoughts on Garter Toss Alternatives

In reimagining the garter toss tradition, these alternatives open the door to a world of creativity and personalization in your wedding celebration. Whether you prefer a high-energy dance-off, an interesting quiz about your journey as a couple, or a ring pillow toss, each option offers a unique way to involve your guests. Ultimately, the best choice is one that reflects your personalities and adds another layer of joy and meaning to your special day.

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