355 Funny Marriage Advice (to Make Newlyweds Laugh)

We have prepared the ultimate collection of the best funny marriage advice.

We have divided these advice into several categories – romantic, creative, funny, clever, unique, cute, happy, inspiring, and more…

Creative Funny Marriage Advice

  1. Mystery in Marriage: “Keep some mystery in your marriage. Turn off the lights and hide behind the furniture. When your spouse comes home, shout, ‘SURPRISE!'”
  2. Dress Code: “The secret to a happy marriage? Matching pajamas. You’ll laugh so much that you won’t have time for arguments.”
  3. Decoding Messages: “When your spouse says, ‘I need some space,’ it might just mean a larger closet.”
  4. Gaming Strategy: “Treat marriage like a video game. Sometimes you have to wiggle the joystick to keep things exciting.”
  5. Survival Kit: “Every newlywed should be given a survival kit… filled with earplugs, blindfolds, and a sense of humor.”
  6. The Age-Old Toilet Debate: “Solve the toilet seat dilemma by getting two toilets. His and Hers. Trust me, it’s cheaper than therapy.”
  7. Kitchen Chronicles: “Never go to bed angry. Stay up and eat ice cream.”
  8. Memory Magic: “Having a bad memory can save your marriage. Forget the bad times and remember the… wait, what were we talking about?”
  9. The Sound of Silence: “Silence is golden. Especially when your spouse is trying to tell you where you went wrong.”
  10. Workout Wisdom: “Marriage is a great way to get in shape. From jumping to conclusions to running out of patience.”
  11. Truth Serum: “Honesty is key. If you can fake that, you’re golden.”
  12. The Dance of Love: “Treat marriage like a dance. It doesn’t matter if you step on toes, just keep moving to the beat.”
  13. Dining Diplomacy: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Just make sure you don’t overcook the pasta.”
  14. Sleep Strategy: “Let the one who snores fall asleep first.”
  15. Chore Chart: “Divide household chores fairly: The one who doesn’t cook, does the dishes. The one who doesn’t like dishes, orders takeout.”
  16. Shoe Philosophy: “In marriage, women collect shoes and men collect… remote controls. The secret? Find a matching pair.”
  17. Pet Policies: “If you want someone who’s always excited to see you, loyal, and listens to all your problems, get a dog. If you want someone to argue with about the dog’s behavior, get married.”
  18. Date Night Dynamics: “Always hold hands on a date night. It’s romantic and if you don’t, one of you might start shopping.”
  19. Modern Love: “Marriage in the digital age means never having to say, ‘I’m sorry’… without using an emoji.”
  20. DIY Romance: “Fixing things around the house is romantic. Remember, nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like assembling IKEA furniture without arguing.”
Creative Funny Marriage Advice

Unique Funny Marriage Advice

  1. Alien Invasion Strategy: “If aliens invade, remember you’re a team. Decide who distracts and who goes for the spaceship.”
  2. Sock Solidarity: “Unite in the face of the eternal mystery: the disappearing socks. It’s not a laundry issue; it’s a universal riddle.”
  3. Weathering Storms: “In every marriage, there’s a kite and a string. When the storms come, decide who’s going to soar and who’s going to hold on tight.”
  4. Ecosystem Engagement: “Think of your marriage as an ecosystem. Sometimes you’re the sun, sometimes you’re the rain. Both are necessary.”
  5. Language of Love: “Create your own secret language. It’s romantic and doubles as code talk in awkward social situations.”
  6. Time Travelers: “Treat your marriage like a time machine. Remember, going backward is just for understanding, not for staying.”
  7. DIY Love Spells: “Make your own love potion: a pinch of laughter, two cups of trust, a dollop of adventure, and a sprinkle of surprise.”
  8. Mystery Missions: “Assign each other random missions. ‘Bring back something blue from your day.’ It keeps life unpredictable.”
  9. Magical Doorway: “Whenever you both come home, imagine the door is a magical portal that resets any bad moments from the day.”
  10. Parallel Universes: “Remember that in some parallel universe, you two might never have met. Celebrate this universe!”
  11. Treasure Maps: “Draw treasure maps for each other to find small gifts or notes. Love is an adventure, after all.”
  12. Galactic Guide: “If you ever find a wormhole to another galaxy, always hold hands. You never know what’s on the other side.”
  13. Haunted Houses: “If your home ever gets haunted, let the ghosts know they’re living with legends. Maybe they’ll make coffee for you.”
  14. Moonlit Memoirs: “Once a year, write each other letters by moonlight. Open them on a rainy day.”
  15. Stellar Wishes: “Wish upon a star, but not for each other. You already caught the best thing in the universe.”
  16. Pillow Portal: “Consider your bed a portal to dreamland where you both have superpowers. Always wake up with a new story.”
  17. Love Laboratory: “Conduct ‘love experiments’. One day, speak only in song lyrics. Another day, communicate only with gestures.”
  18. Echoing Eternities: “Whisper secrets into jars and seal them. Open them after a decade.”
  19. Hobbit Holidays: “Celebrate fictional holidays from your favorite books or movies. Nothing like a Second Breakfast Anniversary.”
  20. Candlelit Cosmos: “Once in a while, turn off all lights, light some candles, and pretend you’re the only two souls in the universe.”
Unique Funny Marriage Advice

Cute Funny Marriage Advice

  1. Pet Perspectives: “Consider your spouse as a house pet. Feed them, play with them, and remember: if they tear up the furniture, they’re just having a bad day.”
  2. Cooking Chronicles: “The couple that burns dinner together stays together. Why? Takeout nights!”
  3. Sticker Strategy: “Use gold star stickers. Reward each other for adulting successfully. Yes, making the bed counts.”
  4. Playful Proximity: “Remember, if you’re not annoying your spouse, you’re not close enough. Cuddle closer!”
  5. Floral Fun: “Ladies, if he brings flowers, it’s romantic. If it’s a potted plant, he’s thinking long-term… or he got the wrong section.”
  6. Morning Mascot: “If you wake up grumpy… try letting them sleep in a bit more.”
  7. Bedtime Battles: “Fighting over blanket space is just a dance routine in disguise. Bonus points for synchronized tossing.”
  8. Message Mischief: “Send flirty texts. Even if you’re in the same room. Especially if you’re in the same room.”
  9. Pajama Policy: “Matching pajamas aren’t silly. They’re couple uniforms. Wear them with pride!”
  10. Sock Solutions: “True love is finding and returning the missing sock… or pretending you didn’t steal it.”
  11. Love Lingo: “Create goofy nicknames for each other. The more embarrassing in public, the better.”
  12. Date Night Dynamics: “A successful date night is when neither of you checks if the other is a food thief.”
  13. Chore Charms: “Turn chores into games. Whoever loses makes the snack. Spoiler: Everyone wins.”
  14. Choco-Check: “Chocolate solves most problems. The rest? Hugs. Apply generously.”
  15. Doorway Drama: “Homecoming rule: Dramatic entrances. Every. Single. Time.”
  16. Pillow Plot: “Pillow fights are secret love chats. Just fluffier.”
  17. Tickle Tactics: “A surprise tickle attack is a sneaky ‘I love you.’ Use wisely!”
  18. Couch Comedies: “When the other occupies the whole couch, it’s just an invitation to be the human blanket.”
  19. Bathroom Ballads: “If they can handle your bathroom singing, it’s true love.”
  20. Sweet-Toothed Strategy: “In love, as in candy, sharing is caring. But hiding the last piece is also a strategy.”
Cute Funny Marriage Advice

Clever Funny Marriage Advice

  1. Economic Expertise: “Marriage is the only union where you can’t just go on strike. However, negotiations over the remote are recommended.”
  2. Decoding Dialogue: “When your spouse says ‘It’s your decision,’ understand it as ‘Choose wisely, or you’ll hear about it forever.'”
  3. Memory Mastery: “Forgetting an anniversary can age you faster. Scientifically unproven, but why take the risk?”
  4. Chore Charts: “A balanced marriage means you both know where the cleaning supplies are. Not using them… just knowing.”
  5. Wisdom Wallet: “The quickest way to remember your spouse’s shopping list is to forget it once.”
  6. Silent Signals: “Silence is golden, unless you’re married. Then, it’s suspicious.”
  7. Recipe Riddles: “The secret ingredient to a happy marriage? Wrong question. It’s the secret hiding place for snacks.”
  8. Calendar Craft: “Couples’ therapy is just syncing your calendars.”
  9. Midnight Musings: “If they didn’t hear you get up for a midnight snack, did it even happen?”
  10. Laundry Logic: “Love is… finding someone to blame for the lost socks.”
  11. Mystery Mechanics: “In every marriage, one person is right and the other… is the husband.”
  12. Bedtime Banking: “Invest in a king-sized bed. It’s high returns for those ‘I need space’ moments.”
  13. Gift Guidelines: “Gifts are a great way to say ‘I love you.’ Receipts are a great way to say ‘I trust you.'”
  14. Volume Ventures: “A successful marriage is all about volume control. Sometimes on the TV, sometimes on your opinions.”
  15. Navigation Nuances: “The couple that gets lost together ensures they have stories for dinner parties.”
  16. Dietary Diplomacy: “Couples who diet together, stay miserable together. Better just to order pizza.”
  17. Finance Fun: “Always save for a rainy day. And by ‘rainy day’, I mean shoe sales.”
  18. Compliment Calculations: “When in doubt, compliment. When not in doubt, still compliment.”
  19. Pillow Protocol: “The number of pillows on the bed is inversely proportional to the husband’s understanding of their purpose.”
  20. Apology Arithmetic: “An apology is the super glue of lasting marriages. Apply liberally.”
Clever Funny Marriage Advice

Romantic Funny Marriage Advice

  1. Foodie Flirtation: “They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, ladies, occasional burnt toast is a reminder that he’s lucky to have you.”
  2. Cuddle Contract: “Have a strict cuddling schedule. Oversleeping is allowed, over-cuddling is encouraged.”
  3. Memory Lane Missteps: “Revisit your first date spot. Remember how awkwardly adorable you both were?”
  4. DIY Serenade: “Sing to your spouse. Even if you sound like a strangled cat, it’s the thought (and bravery) that counts.”
  5. Remote Control Romance: “The key to a happy marriage? Two remotes.”
  6. Whisked Away: “Plan a surprise getaway. Even if it’s just to the other room for a change of scenery.”
  7. Compliment Confusion: “Tell her she’s beautiful every day. And even when she says, ‘Are you blind?!’ — nod and repeat.”
  8. Dancing Delights: “Dance like nobody’s watching. Because they’re probably not — they’re too busy filming for a good laugh later.”
  9. Bouquet Buffoonery: “Flowers are a great way to say ‘I’m sorry.’ So is chocolate. And pizza. Actually, just bring all the food.”
  10. Morning Musings: “Kiss each other good morning. It’s a great way to start the day and ensures you’re both still alive.”
  11. Blanket Battles: “Stealing the covers is just a sneaky way to get closer. Remember that during the next ‘blanket theft’ debate.”
  12. Date Night Dramatics: “Have regular date nights. Even if it’s just sitting on the couch and judging reality show contestants together.”
  13. Gift Goofs: “The best gifts come from the heart… or an online sale. Mostly the sale.”
  14. Love Language Laughs: “Learn each other’s love language. And if it’s sarcasm, you’re in for a treat!”
  15. Aromatic Affection: “Light scented candles. They’re romantic, and they also cover up the mysterious smells of your shared dwelling.”
  16. Wine & Whimsy: “Remember the three most important words: ‘Let’s order wine.'”
  17. Eternal Echo: “Repeating ‘I love you’ is essential. Sometimes for emphasis, sometimes because you forgot if you said it five minutes ago.”
  18. Shared Showers: “Conserve water, shower together. Just be ready for a battle over temperature settings.”
  19. Mirror Magic: “Tell her she’s the fairest of them all. Even if the mirror doesn’t answer back.”
  20. Pillow Talk Tactics: “Discuss your dreams. Especially the one where you both became millionaires by napping.”
Romantic Funny Marriage Advice

Happy Funny Marriage Advice

  1. Cheerful Chores: “Doing chores together is like a party. A very quiet, cleaning party.”
  2. Dancing Delight: “If your spouse is singing off-key, join in. Two off-keys make a right… right?”
  3. Laughing Logistics: “They say laughter is the best medicine. So, if you both laugh at a bad joke, consider yourselves immune.”
  4. Smiling Snacks: “Share your snacks. If both of you get chubby, then neither of you can complain.”
  5. Morning Mirth: “Start your day with a smile. It makes your spouse wonder what you’re up to.”
  6. Ticklish Trials: “Life’s challenges are less challenging when you’re trying not to be tickled.”
  7. Jolly Journeys: “Getting lost on a road trip? That’s just nature’s way of adding more songs to your sing-along session.”
  8. Binge-watching Bliss: “Marriage goal: Find someone who considers ‘5 more episodes’ to be an acceptable plan.”
  9. Giggling Groceries: “Remember, grocery shopping is a game. Whoever grabs the most fun snacks wins.”
  10. Happy Hobbies: “Adopt a shared hobby. Like sleeping in on Sundays.”
  11. Dinner Delights: “Cooking together is fun. If the food is bad, at least you have a shared secret.”
  12. Sunny Side: “Marriage is about finding the sunny side, even if it’s just the sunny side of the couch.”
  13. Festive Follies: “Celebrate the small wins, like when you both remember to take out the trash.”
  14. Chuckle Charges: “Electricity might charge your devices, but laughter charges your relationship.”
  15. Jovial Jeopardy: “Turning chores into game shows can make marriage feel like a non-stop episode of ‘Jeopardy!’ Just less money.”
  16. Amused Agreements: “Compromise means: ‘Let’s eat what I want tonight and tomorrow, we can eat what I want.'”
  17. Date Night Droll: “Date night at home: because ‘dressing up’ means wearing your fancy pajamas.”
  18. Blissful Bloopers: “Marriage is a series of bloopers. The trick is to keep filming.”
  19. Hilarious Harmony: “When both of you sing off-tune, it’s a duet. When one of you does, it’s a solo opportunity.”
  20. Sunny Surprises: “Happiness is…unexpectedly finding extra fries at the bottom of the bag. Share them for extra joy.”
Happy Funny Marriage Advice

Inspiring Funny Marriage Advice

  1. Goal Giggles: “Aim for a marriage where ‘growing old together’ means competing who can tell the most embarrassing stories about each other.”
  2. Adventure Antics: “The best adventures start with the words, ‘Remember when we got lost and…?'”
  3. Dreamy Drills: “Dream big. Even if it’s about owning the world’s largest collection of matching socks.”
  4. Wisdom Whims: “The secret to a happy marriage? Never stop learning. Especially each other’s dessert preferences.”
  5. Evolving Escapades: “Marriage is like wine. It gets better with time, especially if you occasionally forget where you put the bottle.”
  6. Challenge Chuckles: “Tackle life’s challenges together. Even if it’s assembling IKEA furniture without instructions.”
  7. Aspiration Antics: “Strive for a marriage where ‘taking out the trash’ feels like a noble quest.”
  8. Uplifted Urges: “Always lift each other up. Especially when there’s a spider on the ceiling.”
  9. Resilient Riddles: “Remember, rainy days are just life’s way of nurturing growth. And a reason for more cuddles.”
  10. Boundless Banter: “The sky’s the limit! Except when choosing a movie. Then, compromise is the limit.”
  11. Hopeful Hoots: “Keep looking forward. Especially when reminiscing about those ‘interesting’ haircuts from the past.”
  12. Endless Enthusiasm: “Be each other’s biggest fans. Even if it means cheering for burnt toast because ‘it’s a choice.'”
  13. Ambition Amusement: “Aim to be the couple that still races each other to the door, even with walking sticks.”
  14. Mirthful Milestones: “Celebrate small victories, like both agreeing on a pizza topping.”
  15. Jubilant Journeys: “The journey is the destination, especially when you’re lost and find that quaint little café.”
  16. Pondering Positivity: “Turn ‘What if?’ into ‘Remember when?’ Create stories that’ll make your grandkids giggle.”
  17. Visionary Vex: “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. And occasionally, check if you’re both wearing matching shoes.”
  18. Hilarious Horizon: “Expand your horizons together. Even if it’s debating the merits of pineapple on pizza.”
  19. Quest Quips: “Seek out life’s treasures together. Remember, the remote control is one of them.”
  20. Reflective Ribbing: “Pause and reflect on your journey. And if the reflection is in a wine glass, even better.”
Inspiring Funny Marriage Advice

Intimate Funny Marriage Advice

  1. Close Quarters: “They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Five minutes in separate rooms should do it.”
  2. Whispered Wits: “Whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears. Even if it’s just the Wi-Fi password.”
  3. Eyes and Echoes: “Gaze into each other’s eyes deeply. It’s intimate, and a great way to check for spinach between the teeth.”
  4. Touch and Tickle: “A surprise hug from behind is romantic. A surprise tickle? That’s a declaration of war.”
  5. Silent Signals: “Develop your own secret language. It’s fun, intimate, and helpful for sneaking snacks.”
  6. Close-up Comedy: “The couple that brushes their teeth together… spits in harmony.”
  7. Cuddling Chronicles: “Snuggle often. And remember, stealing the covers can also be a cuddling invitation.”
  8. Bedtime Banter: “Going to bed angry can be bad, but going to bed making funny faces? That’s a keeper!”
  9. Heartfelt Hoots: “Remember, the quickest way to the heart is through laughter. Well, and maybe chocolate.”
  10. Pillow Talk Play: “Late-night conversations are the best. Especially when they’re about which superhero would win in a dance-off.”
  11. Dance and Delight: “Dance in your living room. If you step on toes, just consider it a unique way to get closer.”
  12. Giggle Goals: “If you can laugh together in your pajamas, you’re winning at intimacy.”
  13. Affection Antics: “Hold hands frequently. Especially when one of you needs help pulling the other off the couch.”
  14. Midnight Munchies: “Sharing a midnight snack in the dim light of the fridge – that’s romance.”
  15. Bathrobe Bonding: “There’s nothing like bonding over shared confusion about how a bathrobe tie works.”
  16. Comfort Comedy: “Comfort is whispering secrets. Ultimate comfort is whispering about that weird thing you do with your toe.”
  17. Lighthearted Lullabies: “Sing each other to sleep. Even if it’s just a rendition of ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?'”
  18. Cozy Confessions: “True intimacy is admitting you still have a stuffed animal. True love is not judging… and maybe having one too.”
  19. Playful Pecks: “Spice things up with unexpected kisses. Just ensure they’re awake first!”
  20. Close-knit Chuckles: “The key to intimacy is laughter. Laugh at the mistakes, laugh at the memories, and occasionally, just laugh because you both snorted.”
Intimate Funny Marriage Advice

Philosophical Funny Marriage Advice

  1. Existential Excuses: “If a man speaks in the forest and there’s no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?”
  2. Debate Dynamics: “Before arguing with your spouse, ask yourself: Is the universe deterministic? If so, was the argument predestined?”
  3. Enlightened Errands: “When one door of happiness closes, another opens… but it’s probably just the fridge.”
  4. Purposeful Pondering: “If marriage is about finding meaning, then lost socks are the universe testing our patience.”
  5. Temporal Teasing: “In the grand scale of time, forgetting to take out the trash for one day is insignificant. But try explaining that to your spouse.”
  6. Quantum Quips: “Love is like quantum physics. Entangling, inexplicable, and observers change the outcome.”
  7. Philosophical Pillows: “To hog or not to hog the bed covers, that is the nightly question.”
  8. Destiny Droll: “Some say marriages are made in heaven. So are thunder and lightning.”
  9. Reality Riddles: “If you say ‘sorry’ but your spouse didn’t hear it, did the apology really happen?”
  10. Existence Echoes: “In the vast universe, what’s the purpose of the decorative pillows on the bed?”
  11. Cogitation Comedy: “They say ‘I think, therefore I am.’ But after a marital argument, it’s ‘I think, therefore I might be in trouble.'”
  12. Timeless Teasers: “Time is relative. Waiting for your spouse to get ready? Very relative.”
  13. Truthful Tangents: “In the grand scheme of life, is the toilet seat being up or down really the ultimate truth we seek?”
  14. Perception Pranks: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So is the ‘correct’ way to load a dishwasher.”
  15. Deep Daydreams: “If life’s journey is the destination, then are detours just bonus content?”
  16. Consciousness Chuckles: “Is self-awareness realizing you’re both weird, or just accepting it?”
  17. Universal Urges: “In an infinite universe, there’s a planet where both of you always agree on dinner choices.”
  18. Reflection Ribbing: “If mirrors reflect our reality, why doesn’t mine show me as the morning person I claim to be?”
  19. Cosmic Comedy: “Love is the force that holds the universe together. And also the force that can’t remember where the car keys are.”
  20. Mystical Mirth: “Seek to understand the mysteries of the universe. And also why one sock always goes missing after laundry.”
Philosophical Funny Marriage Advice

Biblical Funny Marriage Advice

  1. Eden Escapades: “If your spouse ever blames something on a serpent, maybe give them a second chance.”
  2. Noah’s Nuisance: “Remember, even Noah had to deal with complaints about the ‘cruise’ he planned.”
  3. Red Sea Reasoning: “If you ever feel stuck, remember Moses. Sometimes you have to make your own way through the ‘seas’ of dirty laundry.”
  4. Goliath Giggles: “Marital issues might seem like Goliath. But with teamwork, you’ve got more than a slingshot.”
  5. Manna Munchies: “Hunger can make anyone grumpy. Remember the manna; always have snacks ready.”
  6. Job’s Jests: “Having patience in marriage is like Job’s trials. At least you aren’t covered in boils (hopefully).”
  7. Samson’s Strength: “Your love might be as strong as Samson, but maybe don’t test it with a haircut.”
  8. Jonah Jokes: “Feeling swallowed up by marriage’s challenges? Remember Jonah – sometimes, you just need a time-out in a big fish.”
  9. Babel Banter: “Communication is key. Otherwise, you’ll be building different towers of Babel in no time.”
  10. Solomon’s Silliness: “Wisdom is vital. But even Solomon would’ve been stumped by the ‘where should we eat?’ question.”
  11. Jericho Jaunts: “Some days marriage might feel like marching around Jericho. But keep going, and walls will fall (just not the ones of the house, we hope).”
  12. David’s Dance: “When in doubt, dance it out. If King David can dance in joy, so can you – even if it’s in your living room.”
  13. Burning Bush Banter: “Listening is crucial. Your spouse’s hints might not be as clear as a burning bush, but they’re close.”
  14. Lazarus Laughs: “Revive your date nights regularly. Not everyone has Lazarus’ comeback skills.”
  15. Loaves & Fishes Funnies: “When cooking dinner feels overwhelming, remember the miracle of loaves and fishes. Or takeout. Takeout works too.”
  16. Prodigal Partner: “When one of you forgets to do the chores, be like the father of the prodigal son – always ready to welcome back (but maybe with a broom).”
  17. Daniel’s Den: “When in-laws visit, channel Daniel’s bravery. But hopefully, your den is lion-free.”
  18. Moses’ Maps: “Trust your journey. Even Moses took a while in the desert. Though, maybe use GPS for road trips.”
  19. Esther’s Elegance: “Speak your mind in your relationship. Like Esther, sometimes you’ve got to take the lead (and save the day).”
  20. Peter’s Perseverance: “If you ever feel like you’re sinking amidst life’s storms, reach out. Marriage means having someone to pull you up – and maybe laugh about it later.”
Biblical Funny Marriage Advice

Joyful Funny Marriage Advice

  1. Sunshine Shenanigans: “Always be the sunshine in your spouse’s rainy day. But if they’re being too gloomy, feel free to shine a flashlight in their face.”
  2. Laughing Luxuries: “Shared laughter is the best luxury honeymoon suite money can’t buy.”
  3. Tickle Tips: “Never underestimate the power of a spontaneous tickle fight. It’s like marriage cardio.”
  4. Happiness Hints: “The secret to a joyful marriage? Dance-offs. The sillier the moves, the better.”
  5. Elation Elevations: “Reach new heights of joy together. Even if it’s just jumping on the bed.”
  6. Cheerful Chores: “Turn chores into joyful challenges. First one to finish gets to control the TV remote!”
  7. Delightful Dates: “Surprise dates can double the joy. Even if it’s just to the backyard for a picnic.”
  8. Blissful Bloopers: “Embrace your joint bloopers. They’re the outtakes reel of your love story.”
  9. Ecstatic Elbowing: “Being each other’s nudge of encouragement. Even if it’s a literal elbow nudge to pass the popcorn.”
  10. Giggle Goals: “Prioritize what makes both of you giggle like kids. Like pretending the floor is lava.”
  11. Merriment Mantras: “Adopt a joy mantra for the tough days, like ‘At least we have each other… and cookies.'”
  12. Jubilant Jingles: “Make up silly songs about your day. It’s a joyful way to catch up and get laughs.”
  13. Whimsical Winks: “A cheeky wink can turn any mundane moment into a shared joke.”
  14. Rapture Recipes: “Discover joy in experimenting with weird recipes. Unicorn spaghetti, anyone?”
  15. Euphoric Escapes: “Plan occasional escapes from reality. Build a blanket fort or pretend the sofa is a spaceship.”
  16. Jovial Jests: “Keep a jar of joy: little notes of all the funniest things you’ve said to each other.”
  17. Glee Guarantees: “Whenever one of you is down, have a guaranteed ‘cheer up’ action, like a goofy dance.”
  18. Lighthearted Leaps: “Literally and figuratively, leap into joy. Jumping photos are a good start!”
  19. Pleasure Pranks: “Keep the joy alive with harmless pranks. But remember, it’s all fun and games until the whipped cream comes out.”
  20. Thrilled Thank-Yous: “Always find reasons to say thank you with a big grin. Especially if it’s for ‘putting up with my awful puns.'”
Joyful Funny Marriage Advice

Memorable Funny Marriage Advice

  1. Snapshot Shenanigans: “Your most embarrassing photos together will be the most cherished. Yes, even that one where you both fell in the cake.”
  2. Epic Episodes: “The greatest adventures start with the words ‘We probably shouldn’t, but…'”
  3. Storybook Stumbles: “Every great love story has a few blunders. If nothing else, they’re great for dinner party tales.”
  4. Legendary Lip Sync: “Create unforgettable memories with impromptu lip sync battles in the living room.”
  5. Memento Mockery: “Collect souvenirs of your goof-ups. They make for legendary stories.”
  6. History Hoots: “Always remember the first time you both laughed until you cried. Aim to recreate it often.”
  7. Chronicle Chuckles: “Document your funniest moments. They’ll be the tales of legends for your grandkids.”
  8. Timeless Teasers: “Remember the first prank you played on each other. Anniversary reenactments are a must.”
  9. Hallmark Hiccups: “Celebrate not just your milestones but also your laugh-out-loud missteps.”
  10. Keepsake Kicks: “Dancing like no one’s watching might be a cliché, but it sure makes for a memorable evening.”
  11. Heritage Hahas: “Build traditions out of your most hilarious mishaps. Burnt the turkey? Looks like pizza is your new Thanksgiving tradition.”
  12. Iconic Incidents: “Turn your most iconic bloopers into yearly celebrations. ‘Remember when we got lost for hours? Happy Getting Lost Day!'”
  13. Classic Capers: “Remember that time you both tried DIY? Commemorate it with a crooked shelf.”
  14. Remarkable Ridicules: “Your kids might not remember your wise lessons, but they’ll never forget the time you both tried rollerblading.”
  15. Archive Amusements: “Your silliest selfies together will be your most treasured archives.”
  16. Historic Hilarities: “Celebrate not just anniversaries, but also the first time you both failed hilariously at karaoke.”
  17. Record-setting Roars: “Always aim to break your own record for ‘longest shared laughter.'”
  18. Vintage Vexations: “Your mishaps become vintage memories. Like the first time you tried camping… in the backyard.”
  19. Heirloom Humor: “Your funniest stories are your real heirlooms. Pass them down.”
  20. Nostalgic Nudges: “Years down the line, it won’t be the perfect moments but the hilariously imperfect ones you’ll reminisce about most.”
Memorable Funny Marriage Advice

Supportive Funny Marriage Advice

  1. Backup Blunders: “Always have your spouse’s back. Even if it’s to confirm their alibi for eating the last cookie.”
  2. Helpmate Hahas: “Being supportive means laughing at their jokes. Yes, even if you’ve heard them 100 times.”
  3. Cheerful Champions: “Root for them as passionately as you do for your favorite TV series finale.”
  4. Encouraging Errands: “Show your support by taking on their most hated chore. But maybe use it as a bargaining chip later.”
  5. Moral Boost Muffins: “A surprise batch of muffins can be a great morale boost. Especially if they’re topped with a ‘You’re Right’ icing.”
  6. Affirmation Antics: “Slip supportive notes in their pockets. ‘You’re amazing! But don’t forget to take out the trash.'”
  7. Backup Buffoonery: “Always agree with them in public. Discuss the alien conspiracy theories in private.”
  8. Solidarity Snickers: “Wearing matching ridiculous outfits can be a sign of undying support. Or that you both lost a bet.”
  9. Pep-talk Pranks: “Sometimes the best support is a surprise water balloon pep-talk.”
  10. Assurance Antidotes: “When they’re in doubt, offer a dose of confidence with a side of silliness.”
  11. Encouragement Escapades: “Plan surprise adventures to remind them life (and marriage) can be a delightful mystery.”
  12. Backbone Banters: “Being their backbone means sometimes tickling their funny bone.”
  13. Supportive Silliness: “A silly dance can be as uplifting as a deep conversation.”
  14. Lifting Larks: “Lift their spirits. Even if it’s by just lifting the toilet seat.”
  15. Endorsement Elbows: “A gentle elbow nudge can say ‘I’ve got your back,’ especially when they’re about to walk into a pole.”
  16. Comical Comforts: “Comfort them with humor. When they’ve had a bad day, remind them of the time you both tried to assemble that impossible IKEA piece.”
  17. Respectful Ribbing: “Show respect with playful teasing. Because nothing says ‘I adore you’ like pointing out their mismatched socks.”
  18. Bolstering Buffoonery: “Boost their confidence by being the biggest (and funniest) cheerleader they’ve ever seen.”
  19. Safeguard Shenanigans: “Protect their secrets. Especially their secret love for cheesy pop songs.”
  20. Stalwart Spoofs: “Stand by them, through every goofy moment and every cake-face smash.”

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