195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic)

We’ve curated a comprehensive collection of wedding favors quotes tailored for various moods and themes.

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Creative Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Love is the secret ingredient in every favor.
  2. Handpicked for happiness.
  3. Our love story, in a small package.
  4. A token from our heart to yours.
  5. Handmade with love, for your joy.
  6. Crafted for memories.
  7. Unique as our love, made for you.
  8. Small packages, big love.
  9. From our hearts to your home.
  10. Love, crafted creatively.
  11. A little favor, a lot of love.
  12. From our vows to your hands.
  13. Love in miniature.
  14. A small gift, a grand gesture.
  15. Our love, your keepsake.
  16. Crafted for joy.
  17. A touch of our love story.
  18. Handcrafted happiness.
  19. A piece of our big day.
  20. Love, packaged uniquely.
  21. Small gifts, big emotions.
  22. From our union, a gift for you.
  23. Love’s little souvenir.
  24. A memento of joy.
  25. Tailored tokens of our affection.
  26. A little spark of our love.
  27. Creatively yours, from us.
  28. A favor to remember us by.
  29. Love, in a small package.
  30. Our wedding, your keepsake.
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 1

Romantic Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Sealed with a kiss, just for you.
  2. A little whisper of romance.
  3. Love stories in small packages.
  4. From our hearts to yours, with love.
  5. Tokens of our timeless love.
  6. A favor wrapped in romance.
  7. Love, in its sweetest form.
  8. A piece of our heart.
  9. Romance, in a tiny package.
  10. Cherish our love, cherish this favor.
  11. A small gesture of grand love.
  12. Wrapped in love, given with joy.
  13. A trinket of our true love.
  14. Love that speaks volumes, in a small favor.
  15. Our love, your keepsake.
  16. Small tokens, grand romance.
  17. Romance captured in a favor.
  18. With love and dreams.
  19. A favor from our love story.
  20. Love’s little memento.
  21. A romantic gesture, for you.
  22. Our love, wrapped up for you.
  23. A symbol of endless love.
  24. From our romantic journey, to you.
  25. Love, tied with a bow.
  26. A small part of our love tale.
  27. Wrapped in our love.
  28. A keepsake of romance.
  29. From our hearts, for your memories.
  30. A tiny testament to love.
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 2

Inspirational Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Love inspires, as does this favor.
  2. A small gift, big dreams.
  3. Dream big, love bigger.
  4. From our day, inspiration for yours.
  5. Love’s little inspiration.
  6. Inspired by love, made for you.
  7. Small steps to a shared future.
  8. Love, the ultimate inspiration.
  9. Dreams in a small package.
  10. Inspired tokens from our love story.
  11. Love deeply, dream boldly.
  12. Cherishing small beginnings of big love.
  13. Favors for a brighter tomorrow.
  14. Inspired by love, crafted for joy.
  15. Small tokens, big aspirations.
  16. A favor inspired by our journey.
  17. Love’s inspiring touch.
  18. From this day forward, inspired by love.
  19. A symbol of hopeful beginnings.
  20. Inspired by love, for your happiness.
  21. Love, the best muse.
  22. A small spark of inspiration.
  23. Carry our love, carry your dreams.
  24. From our unity, an inspiring favor.
  25. Let love be your guide.
  26. Love, and inspire.
  27. Small gifts, big hopes.
  28. A favor to ignite dreams.
  29. Our love story, your inspiration.
  30. Love, in its most inspiring form.
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 3

Funny Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Married life survival kit.
  2. Eat, drink, and be married!
  3. Thanks for witnessing our vows and our dance moves.
  4. We tied the knot, now take a shot.
  5. Love is sweet, and so is this treat.
  6. Our love story is my favorite… after Netflix.
  7. Thank you for supporting our love addiction.
  8. We said ‘I do’! Now, you do enjoy this.
  9. Love is brewing; hope you enjoy the stew.
  10. In case you didn’t hear the I do’s.
  11. Thanks for coming, even for the cake.
  12. We’re hitched! Now get a pitch of this.
  13. From our circus to yours.
  14. Thanks for enduring our mushy vows.
  15. We went from Netflix to nuptials.
  16. Love is all you need (and this favor).
  17. Keep calm and marry on.
  18. Sip, sip, hooray to our wedding day!
  19. Thanks for being our something blue.
  20. We’re awesome, and so is this favor.
  21. Like our vows, handle with care.
  22. From our big day to your big appetite.
  23. We fell in love, now fall for this favor.
  24. Love, laughter, and a snack for after.
  25. Parting is such sweet sorrow, take this!
  26. Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after.
  27. Love makes the world go round, and this favor makes it stop.
  28. Hitched and happy, here’s your goody.
  29. Thanks for partying with us. Seriously.
  30. Marriage: the spice of life, and this favor.
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 4

Cute Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. From our love nest to yours.
  2. A little hug from us to you.
  3. Love in bloom, here’s a souvenir.
  4. Our love story, your cute keepsake.
  5. Sealed with a smooch.
  6. A handful of love, from us to you.
  7. Our big day, your little treat.
  8. Wrapped with love and a little ribbon.
  9. A tiny testament of our big day.
  10. Cuteness in a capsule, just for you.
  11. A spoonful of love.
  12. Our ‘I do’ in a doo-dad.
  13. Our love, your lucky charm.
  14. Little love, big meaning.
  15. A small whisper of our big love.
  16. Because love is sweet, and so is this.
  17. Our heart to yours.
  18. A little love goes a long way.
  19. From our vows to your pocket.
  20. A dash of love from us.
  21. Happiness in a tiny package.
  22. Wrapped in our love and excitement.
  23. A small sparkle from our big day.
  24. From our wedding, with cuddles.
  25. Love, in the palm of your hand.
  26. Cute and committed, like us.
  27. A little piece of our happily ever after.
  28. Snuggles in a bag.
  29. From our hearts to your hands.
  30. A love-filled favor, just for you.
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 5

Unique Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. From our quirky love, a unique memento.
  2. One-of-a-kind love, one-of-a-kind favor.
  3. Uniquely us, uniquely yours.
  4. A rare treasure for a rare guest.
  5. Where love and originality meet.
  6. Not just another favor, an emblem of uniqueness.
  7. Tailor-made memories from our day.
  8. As unique as our vows, as special as our guests.
  9. Love that stands out, favors that do too.
  10. A piece of our unique journey.
  11. Custom-crafted for a special someone.
  12. Our love story, retold in a unique favor.
  13. Breaking the mold with love.
  14. Distinctly us, distinctly yours.
  15. An uncommon token for our common joy.
  16. As unique as every memory made today.
  17. Our love, uniquely packaged.
  18. A gift as special as our love story.
  19. For unique memories, a unique keepsake.
  20. From our unique love, a unique gift.
  21. Cherishing uniqueness in every way.
  22. A favor as special as our love.
  23. Love uniquely, gift uniquely.
  24. Uniquely crafted for a day to remember.
  25. A favor that breaks conventions.
  26. Our love is different, so is this favor.
  27. Cherishing the uniqueness of love.
  28. A small token of our big uniqueness.
  29. Unique love, unique memories.
  30. Crafted with love, delivered with uniqueness.
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 6

Catchy Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Love, wrapped up in a catchy phrase.
  2. A favor that sticks in your memory.
  3. Catch the love with this little token.
  4. Grab a piece of our love story.
  5. Our love is catchy, so is this favor.
  6. A catchy keepsake from a perfect day.
  7. Love in a catchy little package.
  8. Snag a snippet of our special day.
  9. A memento that’s as catchy as our love.
  10. Catchy and sweet, just like our love.
  11. A small gift with a big impact.
  12. Love that’s memorable, in every way.
  13. Grab a piece of the happiness.
  14. A token as catchy as our love song.
  15. Love, in its most memorable form.
  16. A favor that’s hard to forget.
  17. Catch our love, keep the memory.
  18. A little something to remember us by.
  19. Love that lingers, in a small package.
  20. From our heart to yours, memorably.
  21. Memorable love, memorable favor.
  22. A catchy token from a perfect day.
  23. Love in a nutshell, catchy and sweet.
  24. A keepsake as memorable as the day.
  25. Grab a piece of our catchy love.
  26. For a love that sticks around.
  27. Remember our day, in a catchy way.
  28. A small gesture, a lasting impression.
  29. A favor that rings with love.
  30. Catch the joy, hold the memory.
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 7

Clever Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Love smartly, gift cleverly.
  2. A clever token from a wise pair.
  3. Love’s clever little reminder.
  4. A smart favor for a special day.
  5. Cleverly crafted, lovingly given.
  6. A wise choice for a wise guest.
  7. Clever love, clever memento.
  8. A smart little gift from a big day.
  9. From our clever union, a clever favor.
  10. Love that thinks outside the box.
  11. A clever twist on traditional favors.
  12. Smartly packaged love.
  13. Love is clever, so is this favor.
  14. A wise keepsake for a cherished memory.
  15. Cleverly designed, heartfully given.
  16. A smart reminder of a beautiful day.
  17. For clever memories and wise guests.
  18. A wise memento from a love-filled day.
  19. Love ingeniously, gift cleverly.
  20. A smart favor for a memorable day.
  21. Cleverly capturing our love story.
  22. A smart way to say thank you.
  23. Ingenious love, ingenious keepsake.
  24. A clever favor for a clever guest.
  25. Love wisely, remember smartly.
  26. A token of our smart love.
  27. Cleverly chosen, lovingly gifted.
  28. A wise souvenir of a wise love.
  29. A small gesture of big intellect.
  30. Smart love, smartly packaged.
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 8

Happy Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Happiness in a small package.
  2. A little token of big joy.
  3. From our happy day to yours.
  4. Love and joy, hand in hand.
  5. A favor that smiles back.
  6. Capturing the joy of our day.
  7. A small gift of great happiness.
  8. Love, joy, and a little favor.
  9. From our joyful union, a joyful gift.
  10. Spreading happiness, one favor at a time.
  11. A cheerful reminder of a cheerful day.
  12. A happy memento from a happy couple.
  13. Joy in every little detail.
  14. Our joy, your keepsake.
  15. Happiness shared is happiness doubled.
  16. From happy hearts to happy hands.
  17. Love joyfully, gift joyfully.
  18. A little piece of our happy ever after.
  19. A snippet of our joy.
  20. Love, laugh, and cherish this favor.
  21. A joy-filled token from a joy-filled day.
  22. Small favors, big smiles.
  23. Love’s happiest souvenir.
  24. A cheerful keepsake for a cheerful guest.
  25. Our happiest day, your happy memory.
  26. A favor brimming with joy.
  27. From our happy hearts, to you.
  28. A piece of our joyous celebration.
  29. Happy love, happy favor.
  30. Spreading our joy, one favor at a time.
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 9

Motivational Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Love motivates, as does this favor.
  2. A small push towards big love.
  3. From our day, motivation for yours.
  4. Love’s little motivator.
  5. Motivated by love, made for you.
  6. Small steps to a shared future of love.
  7. Love, the ultimate motivator.
  8. Dreams in a small package, like our love.
  9. Motivational tokens from our love story.
  10. Love deeply, dream boldly.
  11. Cherishing small beginnings of great love.
  12. Favors for a brighter, love-filled future.
  13. Motivated by love, crafted for joy.
  14. Small tokens, big motivations.
  15. A favor inspired by our journey together.
  16. Love’s motivating touch.
  17. From this day forward, inspired by love.
  18. A symbol of hopeful beginnings in love.
  19. Motivated by love, for your happiness.
  20. Love, the best muse and motivator.
  21. A small spark of love’s motivation.
  22. Carry our love, carry your dreams.
  23. From our unity, an inspiring favor.
  24. Let love be your motivational guide.
  25. Love, and be motivated.
  26. Small gifts, big motivations.
  27. A favor to ignite love’s dreams.
  28. Our love story, your motivation.
  29. Love, in its most motivating form.
  30. Love-filled favor, for a motivated life.
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 10

Popular Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Loved by many, shared with you
  2. A favor as popular as our love
  3. The crowd favorite, for our favorite guests
  4. Everyone’s talking about love, and this favor
  5. A popular choice for a special day
  6. Join the trend of love
  7. Popular for a reason, just like our love
  8. A guest favorite, from the couple of the hour
  9. Making memories with popular charm
  10. From a popular love story, a cherished favor
  11. A favor as in-demand as our love story
  12. Everyone loves a little token
  13. Popular pick for a perfect day
  14. Shared love, shared popularity
  15. A top choice for a top day
  16. From the heart, a crowd-pleaser
  17. Love’s trending token
  18. A universally loved favor
  19. A fan-favorite from our wedding
  20. In vogue love, in vogue favor
  21. The popular choice for love’s celebration
  22. A favor loved by all, just like our love
  23. Trending in love, leading in favors
  24. A beloved keepsake for a beloved guest
  25. The people’s choice of wedding favor
  26. Shared joy in a popular package
  27. A token as popular as our union
  28. Everyone’s favorite little reminder of love
  29. Popular love, popular memento
  30. A favor that’s all the rage
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 11

Trending Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Trending now: love and this favor
  2. On-trend love, on-trend keepsake
  3. The latest in love, the latest in favors
  4. Trendsetting love, trendsetting token
  5. A favor as current as our vows
  6. In the now, just like our love
  7. For the trend-savvy and love-struck
  8. A little piece of today’s love trend
  9. Making waves with love and favors
  10. From a modern love story, a modern favor
  11. On the pulse of love and trends
  12. Trendy love, trendy memento
  13. A favor that’s keeping up with the times
  14. A modern twist on timeless love
  15. Love’s latest trend in your hands
  16. A trend-forward token from a forward-thinking couple
  17. The new classic in wedding favors
  18. Where love meets the latest trend
  19. A chic token for a chic day
  20. Today’s love, today’s favorite favor
  21. A fresh take on wedding favors
  22. In vogue love, in vogue favor
  23. The trendiest pick for a stylish day
  24. A favor mirroring the latest in love
  25. Ahead of the curve in love and gifts
  26. Setting trends with our wedding favors
  27. A modern love story, a modern token
  28. The favor of the moment
  29. Love’s trendiest expression
  30. A favor that speaks of today’s love
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 12

Cool Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Too cool for traditional favors
  2. Love is cool, so is this favor
  3. A favor with a cool factor
  4. The epitome of cool love
  5. From our cool day, a cool keepsake
  6. A little something from the cool couple
  7. Keeping it cool with love and favors
  8. Cool love, cool memento
  9. A favor that’s as cool as our love
  10. Chill vibes, chill favors
  11. A cool token for a hot love
  12. Love’s coolest souvenir
  13. From our hearts to your cool collection
  14. A favor that’s breaking the cool scale
  15. Cool and collected, just like our love
  16. A favor with a touch of cool
  17. The coolest pick for our special day
  18. Keeping love cool and favors cooler
  19. A chill memento of a warm love
  20. A favor as laid-back as our love
  21. Love coolly, gift coolly
  22. The epitome of cool wedding vibes
  23. A cool reminder of a hot day
  24. Love’s chill, favor’s thrill
  25. Cool, calm, and married
  26. The coolest way to remember our day
  27. A favor as refreshing as our love
  28. For the love of cool
  29. A chic and cool wedding keepsake
  30. A cool little something for our guests
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 13

Witty Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Love smart, gift witty
  2. A witty favor from a witty couple
  3. Witty love, witty keepsake
  4. Sharp love, sharp favor
  5. A favor that’s as witty as our vows
  6. From witty banter to witty favors
  7. A clever token for a clever day
  8. Witty on the outside, sweet on the inside
  9. A little something to tickle your wit
  10. Love’s wittiest expression
  11. A sharp reminder of a sharp love
  12. Wit and love, hand in hand
  13. A favor with a side of wit
  14. Witty love, smartly packaged
  15. A favor that speaks volumes in wit
  16. Sharp as our love, witty as our favor
  17. Love with a twist of wit
  18. A clever keepsake for a clever guest
  19. Wit, wrapped in love
  20. A favor as witty as our love story
  21. Love’s cleverest souvenir
  22. A token as sharp as our union
  23. Wit and charm in a small package
  24. A smart favor for a smart love
  25. Witty and in love, just like us
  26. The wit of love in a favor
  27. A favor that outwits the ordinary
  28. Wit-filled love, wit-filled keepsake
  29. A sharp twist on traditional love tokens
  30. Witty love, witty memento
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 14

Punny Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Love is all you knead, and this favor
  2. A favor that’s sew in love
  3. We whisk you a merry marriage
  4. Olive our love in a small bottle
  5. Lettuce celebrate our union
  6. A grate love, a grate favor
  7. Muffin compares to our love
  8. A toast to our love, literally
  9. Mint to be, just like us
  10. We’re jam-packed with love
  11. Brew-tiful love, brew-tiful favor
  12. You make miso happy
  13. We’re nuts about each other
  14. It’s o-fish-al, we’re married
  15. Love is brewing, hope you feel the warmth
  16. Thanks for pudding up with us
  17. We’ve bean thinking of you
  18. Our love is a shore thing
  19. Love is sweet, honey
  20. A-peeling love, a-peeling favor
  21. A matcha made in heaven
  22. Love is in the air, and in this favor
  23. Brie mine, always
  24. Sip happens, love stays
  25. You’re the zest, thanks for coming
  26. Love is a big dill
  27. Wheel love you always
  28. You’re the cheese to my macaroni
  29. Donut forget our special day
  30. We’re stuck on each other, like this favor
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 15

Fancy Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Elegance in a small package
  2. A touch of class, a hint of love
  3. From our fancy day, a fancy keepsake
  4. Sophistication meets love
  5. A luxurious memento of our union
  6. Fancy love, fancy favor
  7. A chic token from a chic celebration
  8. Elegance and love, hand in hand
  9. A favor as exquisite as our love
  10. Love in its most elegant form
  11. A sophisticated twist on traditional favors
  12. From our hearts, a touch of luxury
  13. A glamorous reminder of a glamorous day
  14. Exuding elegance and love
  15. Love’s most fancy expression
  16. A luxurious little reminder
  17. A fancy token of our affection
  18. Chic and love combined
  19. Refined love, refined favor
  20. A favor dripping with elegance
  21. A piece of our fancy love story
  22. Where love and luxury meet
  23. A sophisticated souvenir
  24. Love elegantly, gift elegantly
  25. A fancy keepsake for a special day
  26. Sophistication in a small package
  27. Love’s luxurious touch
  28. A small piece of our grand love
  29. Exquisite love, exquisite favor
  30. Love with a flair of sophistication
195 Best Wedding Favors Quotes (Creative, Funny, Romantic) 16

Inspirational Wedding Favors Quotes

  1. Love inspires, so does this favor
  2. A small spark of big inspiration
  3. From our day, a token of hope
  4. Love’s inspiring little gift
  5. A favor that motivates and loves
  6. Inspired by love, for your journey
  7. Small steps to love’s great journey
  8. Love, the ultimate inspiration
  9. Dreams and love in a small package
  10. Inspirational tokens from our love story
  11. Love deeply, inspire greatly
  12. Cherishing small beginnings of lasting love
  13. Favors for a future full of love
  14. Inspired by love, crafted with care
  15. Small tokens, big dreams
  16. A favor from our inspirational journey
  17. Love’s inspiring souvenir
  18. From this day, inspired by love
  19. A symbol of hopeful beginnings
  20. Love that inspires, a favor that motivates 21
  21. A small inspiration from our big love.
  22. Carry our love, carry your dreams.
  23. From our unity, an inspiring token.
  24. Let love be your guide and inspiration.
  25. Love and inspire, with every step.
  26. Small gifts, big impact, and endless inspiration.
  27. A favor to ignite dreams and passion.
  28. Our love story, your source of inspiration.
  29. Love, in its most inspiring form.
  30. An inspirational favor, for an inspired life.

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